The Crew


The Captain

The Scurvy Pirate Captain Dan

The scurviest buccaneer ever to sail the 7 Seas. Captain Dan leads the crew to fortune throughout the Caribbean.


Scott Free

First Mate

Mr. Free be the first mate to the captain. His wits and lyrical skills be matched by no other man. He's been known to smoke Sea Weeds...

Scurvy Crew Characters Govna.jpg

The Guvna

Regional Ruler

The Guvna is in charge of the pirate port of Tortuga where he oft gives the crew letters of marque. 


"Pyro" De La Joya

Will Burn Anything

He loves burning things, especially roasting wicks on mortars. Pyro wants to make love to anything that explodes.


Sea DawG

Quarter Master

The brutal quartermaster of the ship. He decides what to keep and decides what to burn.



Royal Navy Captain

N'er do the pirates enjoy seein' the likes o' navy captains, but o'er the years this bloke grew to be part of the crew when he abandoned his post. 



That Mustache Though

A truly salty dog, arrr, Handlebar always be causin a fuss with his blunderbuss. He's been known to have a short fuse. 



Had a Long Hard Life

He's got problems. Mainly, he's missing a few limbs and he's hungry. Choosin' a utensil fer an arm were a good choice.